73 Heartwarming Short Best Friend Quotes That Make You Cry

short best friend quotes that make you cry

Friendships are one of the most important emotional connections that we can achieve throughout our lives. However, sometimes bad things can happen to them which leads to emotional breakdown. It is difficult to cope with lost especially if you have lost someone with whom you’ve grown up.

Beautiful and heartwarming quotes are the best way to understand your emotion and to cope with it in the future. That is the main reason why we decided to present you short best friend quotes that make you cry:

Heartwarming Best Friend Quotes With Strongest Emotion You’ll Find

  1. Friendship is the hardest thing in the world to explain. It’s not something you learn at school, but if you have not learned what the meaning of friendship is, you have not learned anything.
  2. A friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future, and accepts you today as you are.
  3. No doubt: it’s not hard to die for a friend as it’s hard to come across a friend who deserves the man to die for him!
  4. It does not matter where you are, but who you are with.
  5. A true friend is the one who holds you by the hand and touches your heart.
  6. True friends in trouble are familiar.
  7. The language of friendship is not a word but a meaning.
  8. Friendship as a value above all other values.
  9. What’s fun in adventure when you can not share it with a friend?
  10. A friend may go to live somewhere far away, so far you may never meet him again. He is part of you forever.
  11. The only way to have friends is to be a friend.
  12. The highest sign of friendship is to be even with the lowest of itself.
  13. The best type of friend is the one with which you can sit all night without saying a word, and when you leave, you feel like it was the best conversation in life.
  14. I do not see any comfort in the fact that I will survive my friends and remain only a monument of past times.
  15. One day love asked friendship: “Why are you there when I am?” And friendship said: “To bring a smile where you leave tears.”
  16. No man has shared his joy with his friend, and that he did not rejoice even more, as no man shared his grief with a friend, and he was no less grieving.
  17. All I knew and thought was of no importance, the night is black and threatening beyond these walls, the world is terrible, and I am small and weak. It would be best to stay like this on your knees, settle in tears, do not rise anymore. I know, we should not be weak and sad if we are true believers, but I know it in vain. I am ill and sad, and I do not think I am a true believer or a man lost in the deafness of the world.
  18. Sometimes we are not happy; we are not sad. We are indifferent. We are playing at the bow of sorrow and happiness. Then sadness prevails, and we are depressed, the dream of happiness as salvation. Later, when the grief disappears, we are happier, not thinking that it is just because we are no longer sad. And was not we in a better position at the beginning?
  19. No more sad scene from a young pessimist.
  20. It’s a sad thing to have no friends, but it’s the even more sad thing to have no enemies.
  21. Tears in the eye, sorrow in my heart all my days are sad now.
  22. Because of you, some days I was really glad some of them were sad, and some of them came to me …
  23. We have gone through a lot, and seeing what we came to be sad for both of us, everything is dying.
  24. Day after day she is passing, and autumn is coming, trees have fallen from trees a long time ago, a little sadder than last summer, my youth will pass as a calm river.
  25. And you’re pushing me to the bottom, I see you wish that I was on the evening nights, but it’s the end of me to see if you see the glow in these sad eyes …
  26. Everything is empty, and the park and bench and the school chalk no longer say that you only know how sad we would go down and go no more.
  27. Good people found bad, sad, happy kisses, and we have not yet dared you, but I know it will happen that I’m in the air I feel.
  28. I am looking for a city of smiles, where everyone is smiling. Where there are no sad faces, perhaps on the other side of the world.
  29. It’s sad for me because of me; I wonder where love lives because everything still binds me for you and I’m sad for days because love is not sincere and I know you did not want to.
  30. Why are men’s songs sadder when a woman’s heart is much more vulnerable, why with men’s songs she drinks and when we are sad we must not be honest.
  31. The saddest day in my life was when I realized that I was better than my dad in anything. Bart realized this at four years.
  32. Do not look at hiding. I know that you want another one at least for a sad greeting with me.
  33. This woman appears in front of everyone with her wings, and only she and I only know that a woman betrays the demon with a sad face. The demon is sent to torture me, from time to time, he changes the soup in my conscience and creates waves, and when all currents settle down, he comes to me in tears with tears in his eyes and forgiveness on his lips.
  34. Human voices are sad and evil; they may not be people like us!
  35. The one who says that embrace does not hurt obviously did not try that farewell. Nothing hurts like when you know you’re kidding someone for the last time.
  36. You will once feel sorry to hear who has done everything in love, and we are not.
  37. The worst is when no one has never been here.
  38. Nobody can love you more than the one who loved you once.
  39. People mostly do what they said they would never do to us.
  40. Here I admit, you’re missing me. I’m scared of every part of you. I’m sorry for every look. Every facial expression you miss me. And miss that old man and me next to you.
  41. It made me think for a moment that you loved me. Do not worry; it passed me …
  42. In the sea of ​​some faces, I still miss you …
  43. You lose something that you never really had. And you wonder why it hurts so much. Irony. It never fully belonged to you, and you feel as if somebody suddenly pulled out a piece of you, it hurt to interrupt your dreams and seek the culprit for a demolished castle from your illusions. You’re afraid to even admit to yourself that you are the only culprit because you allowed your skin to get into something that was lost before it got closer to you.
  44. The soul is a strange thing. It would say that it does not exist until we become sad. Then we only feel. Then when you get sick.
  45. You can not put emotions in “waiting” … You can not … Do not go …
  46. I did not know anything about her. I’ve seen her a couple of times standing up on a stupid wall of a corridor and listening to some of her, probably, stupid music. I hated the stupid smile that she carried with me even when it was raining. I hated her cheerful walk, her stupid, too cheerful announcements and wavering, her stupid little fellows with whom she never fit, and hated my whole stupid appearance .. And most of all .. I mostly hated that I wanted to stand to lean on that stupid wall, and I listen to her stupid music with her, while she stupidly smiles and says too cheerfully to her stupid companions .. Eto. And I wanted to be something stupid about her.
  47. After all the defeat I wonder if it was worth it? I can freely say that it is. Pain taught me to appreciate what belongs to me. And no matter how much the value in others’ eyes had, the whole world was for me.
  48. Do you know why we are sometimes disappointed? We believe that others are ready to do what they would do for me.
  49. And it comes to saturation, everything becomes monotonous, escapes from people, hiding from the world, retreat into oneself .. And then? Seconds last for eternity, the struggle with the internal forces and the desperate desire for a sincere
  50. I let the song go to the end. Again, an old book opens with me, full of memories, long-lasting glare, one lost person.
  51. And that always remains the person you will remain eager for your whole life and that fear as you count victories and defeats. Some stories about love, always the last pages …
  52. I remember when I told you, ‘I love you,’ she said, ‘Go free.’ I’m sorry, but I did not want to fight for someone whose departure is always the best option.
  53. She had been aware for a long time that part of her would never give up that man. It was the feeling she had to live with, which she had to accept, as a person accepts the pain that is constantly present and is constantly followed.
  54. When you serve people as a shoulder for crying, in the end, you realize that you have to yourself. No one else.
  55. She liked winter, December and this cold. She loved it, because only that had left her, the rest to remind of what was, and it was not. Winter itself described her condition. Preferable, but cold. Such was after him.
  56. It is impossible for some people to restore faith in love and not blame them for it. No, no. Because those same people used to trust everyone at one time. In every word. In every promise. In every smile, he cost them expensive. Cost of living.
  57. Remember how you cried all night. Forget how close you were once. Remember he lied to love you. Remember that there will no longer be a good night’s message and good Forget his walk. Forget the way he told you.
  58. Forget things that he told you. Remember, it’s gone. Forget his smile, forget his voice. Forget the correspondence all day long. Forget all the nice words he told you. Forget the time that so quickly passed. Forget love that was just a part of the past. Forget that he said that he would never leave you.
  59. You’re sorry for me, but I’m already used to living with that feeling that one part of me is missing. And everything is fine. It is. I’m happy. I have pockets full of dreams, in the hands of the whole universe, buckets of buckles are embraced with hugs and wonderful memories. Well, you see, there may be a problem …
  60. This is good. Let’s finally go. To return to life. To wear it as it used to be. To load fingernails. To put makeup on this faded face of tears. To laugh … Again. It will be hard. It will be catastrophic.
  61. But we lost faith in love. I lost faith in relationships. Build something. Carefully building up to end up? Puklo. Nothing lasts forever. Then why are we giving ourselves into relationships? Why do we invest our souls, when we know that they will sooner or later …
  62. It hurts. This is not that sharp hysterical pain when you are tired of This is the pain, dull pain … when you die gradually. When you are aware of the correctness of the posture, when it hurts your courage, it does not miss you … But it hurts … It hurts your life, it hurts people, hurts you memories, stumbling, your desires, your futile effort.
  63. We never forget those who touched our heart. No matter if they broke it or cured it.
  64. The pain belongs to the one who feels it, and there is no word to explain it, nor does it make the person feel better.
  65. We are not grateful for the fact that we have been given life, we do not respect enough people around us. We do not give enough love to those who sacrifice for us; we do not see them until they leave us, forever …
  66. Sometimes you are so hungry for love and attention, but you are silent, and you hope that somebody will be able to see the grief in your eyes.
  67. There are so many people in the world who would do everything for your smile. Why do you want the one who gives you tears?
  68. The truth is that everyone misses us all, and we want to miss him too.
  69. I am tired of false friends, wrong people, overworked promises and nights spent thinking of where I made a mistake.
  70. She was wrong in the right way. She was special. My. Not all that came after, they replaced it. Time passes, but it does not erase it … And it does not matter what destiny did not plan us; it stays with me forever.
  71. Sometimes, when I least expect it, something reminds me of him. On us. On our beloved love. Whether it’s a love test in a magazine or garden of a restaurant packed with love pairs. Sometimes I can not help wondering how my life would look like it did not turn out like this. How would we be together? Would we be happy for the rest of our lives?
  72. People we love always go too early, no matter how old they are.
  73. It has been several months since we are together, but I still miss those of our stories in the morning and evening. And whenever I go to bed and when I wake up in the morning, I look at your missed call, but unfortunately, I have not seen him for months.


Short best friend quotes that make you cry are difficult to bear with especially when they are about lost friendship. It is challenging to understand different reasons why that happened, which is why people decided to use words to describe their emotions.

Words are the best way to cope with losing someone. Therefore, we recommend you to reread these quotes because it will help you understand why friendship is the hardest thing in the world.