27 Earnest My Husband Is My Best Friend Quotes For Him

my husband is my best friend quotes

In most cases throughout the history, men wrote poems, quotes, and stories to tell the world the power of women in the world of men. However, we decided to go vice versa and to present you my husband is my best friend quotes.

We compiled a list of notable women who addressed their love and created eternal quotes that generation will tell in the future. The idea is to create the thorough background for love, and when two people are in love, the magic happens. The words are just result of emotion, and we wanted to present you that particular emotion:

Wonderful My Husband Is My Best Friend Quotes


  1. The Real Truth Of Marriage:

“A good husband makes a good wife”. – John Florio

We have all heard the quote that good wife makes a great husband, but the process goes another way around too. The unity of the marriage is something that inspires people to do various creative things.


  1. Love Is The Last Thing You’ll Remember:

“At the end of your life, you will never regret not having passed one more test, not winning one more verdict or not closing one more deal. You will regret time not spent with a husband, a friend, a child, or a parent.” – Barbara Bush

Yes, the answer is sincere and real. The last things we need at the end is degrees that we obtained and other unimportant things that we did throughout our days. Love for the husband and family is something that has a unique beauty, and for most people, the working is a piece of the need to settle the family.


  1. Something That Will Make You Love For A Change

“The real act of marriage takes place in the heart, not in the ballroom or church or synagogue. It’s a choice you make – not just on your wedding day, but over and over again – and that choice is reflected in the way you treat your husband or wife.” – Barbara De Angelis

Love for the husband starts and runs without social changes, buerocratic moments, and a piece of papers. Therefore, if the love is something that brings us together, it doesn’t matter whether you have marriage agreement and other things that will only crucify the idea of love.


  1. She Really Loved Him

“In terms of my marriage, you know, falling in love with my husband was by far the best thing that’s ever happened to me.” – Caroline Kennedy

Having a sweet and sincere love is something that makes the world turn around. Most successful people couldn’t become something without the support of their partners. The love is something that changes the world, and the example of Caroline Kennedy is the proof of that.


  1. What Would You Do In Your Free Time?

“My greatest pleasure is spending time with my family: my husband and daughter, but also my mother, my three sisters, and their families.” – Siri Hustvedt

Living in showbusiness and doing things for the public can interfere with your everyday life. That is the main reason why the ideal perception is the possibility to return to a hug of your husband. It is simple as that.


  1. He Is My Real Best Friend

“My husband and I always have fun together in everything we do. Some people call me crazy, but the reality is that I enjoy spending each second with him. He is not just my husband – he is my rock and my very best friend!” – Joyce Giraud

Being in a marriage is not just for passion, it is for support, for humane needs. Having a husband that will be more than lover is the main principle. To have someone with whom you can be yourself without masks and other perspectives.


  1. Respect Is What You Need

“Through devotion, your family cares become more peaceful, mutual love between husband and wife becomes more sincere, the service we owe to the prince more faithful, and our work, no matter what it is, becomes more pleasant and agreeable.” – Saint Francis de Sales

Devotion is the only thing left to partners after passion wipes away. However, people shouldn’t stop carrying of each other, therefore, if the life is agreeable and pleasant, everything away from home will carry the same emotion.


  1. What Really Happens Within The Partners

“A woman of faith is blessed by faithful men in her life who hold the priesthood of God and honor this privilege: her father, bishop, husband, brothers, sons. They value her and the divine gifts given by God to His daughter. They sustain and encourage, and they understand the great mission of her life as a woman. They love her; they bless her.” – Margaret D. Nadauld

The Christian perspective of marriage presents both women and men as important bricks to complete the word wall. Apart from religion, the Christian groundworks are important even today, because husband should find a way to encourage and sustain the mission he wanted to enter at the beginning of marriage.


  1. Funny And Sincere My Husband Is My Best Friend Quote

“In a happy marriage it is the wife who provides the climate, the husband the landscape.” – Gerald Brenan

A happy marriage is an ideal for most people. Within the marriage, the best structural form is for both partners to share the work and to help each other with everything they have. We are far away from the old ways of thinking where women should stay at home while husbands should work all day long. The idea is to balance responsibilities.


  1. Love Creates Meaning

“The love of husband and wife, which is creative of new human life, is a marvellously personal sharing in the creative love of God who brings into being the eternal soul that comes to every human being with the gift of human life.” – Vincent Nichols

The greatest thing that differs in humans from other mammals is the possibility to have emotions. The love is something that will provide you eternal bliss, especially if you love your husband and if the husband loves you.


  1. Truth Is In Small Things

“A home with a loving and loyal husband and wife is the supreme setting in which children can be reared in love and righteousness and in which the spiritual and physical needs of children can be met.” – David A. Bednar 

The synonym for married life is the house where you’re living in with your children. It is the place where you can heal both spiritual and physical needs and to increase the satisfaction of the life; you’re living in.


  1. Affection Is In Things That Matter

“Having children is the greatest thing that can happen to you as a husband and wife. They are infuriating at times when they’re little, but on the whole, they’re such a joy. I don’t think I was the most brilliant mother when they were young. I had quite a bit of help because I was working and I enjoyed my work.” – Mary Berry

As the quote mentions that the result of love has children with the man you love. That is the joy of life, to have someone by your side who will help you cope with the world you’re both living in.


  1. What Happens After Saying Yes

“For years my wedding ring has done its job. It has led me not into temptation. It has reminded my husband numerous times at parties that it’s time to go home. It has been a source of relief to a dinner companion. It has been a status symbol in the maternity ward.” – Erma Bombeck

For some people, a wedding is a beauty that opens all doors of eternity. The temptation still exists, but the people who live together and share the same world should find the balance between reality and temptation, which is the best way to overcome it.


  1. The Definition Of Happiness

“Perfect happiness would be knowing that all my family and friends were happy and safe. Then I’d go to a tropical island with my husband where it was gorgeous and fun all day long and interesting and fun all evening. Good food and dancing would be nice, too, and weekly visits from those safe and happy family and friends. Plus world peace.” – Suzanne Weyn

We are born as individuals, but throughout the life, as we find the people we love, we tend to enter the group perspective. Because even though we are alone from the beginning, the first thing we want is to be with someone. Therefore, the partners should find the balance between the world outside and their world from within.


  1. The Way We Live Is The Way We Love

“I work a lot of hours, and in this business you really try to keep as busy as you possibly can. Sometimes when you really focus on kids in your free time you lose the husband and wife relationship to some degree. It’s been a real focus for us to make sure we stay focused on us two.” – Cameron Mathison

The best way to enjoy in the free time is to hang out with your family and husband. This particular partner as best friend quote will provide you focus on how to cope with the work and private life. Finally, the idea is to nourish both perspectives, because only then you will find the true happiness.


  1. Why Encouragement Matters?

“Mostly, my flying has been solo, but the preparation for it wasn’t. Without my husband’s help and encouragement, I could not have attempted what I have. Ours has been a contented and reasonable partnership, he with his solo jobs and I with mine. But always with work and play together, conducted under a satisfactory system of dual control.” – Amelia Earhart 

Living by yourself in this world would only lead to devastation. That is why having a husband that twill help you deal with everyday things is essential and beneficial. The partnership agreement is important because it will boost your wishes to do job greatly, to earn more so that you can enjoy more with your family.


  1. The Perspective Of Unity

“In 1903, I finished my doctor’s thesis and obtained the degree. At the end of the same year, the Nobel prize was awarded jointly to Becquerel, my husband and me for the discovery of radioactivity and new radioactive elements.” – Marie Curie

Marie Curie is the example of a woman who entered the relationship with fellow scientists, and they gained worldwide recognition as the couple and not individuals. This is the example that unity is something that conquered the world, and not the individual.


  1. President Is The Husband Too

“If I’m just at the White House, I have meetings in my office; I sign letters, I plan different things. Late in the afternoon, I’ll quit working and wait for my husband to get home.” – Laura Bush

Loving someone, especially your husband, is something which stands irrelevant to the job you’re working and principles you have to follow. All marriages are the same, for both president and poor person. The main idea is love; everything else is agenda.


  1. Love Is In These Words

“I love my husband very much. I knew it was real true love because I felt like I could be myself around that person. Your true, true innermost authentic self, the stuff you don’t let anyone else see, if you can be that way with that person, I think that that’s real love.” – Idina Menzel

According to Greek Mythology, the man and women were the ones before, and after they divided, the main goal is to find another half that completely fulfills you. The real love is finding someone with whom you can stay quiet and tell even more with the silence than with words.


  1. Why Is He Your Best Friend?

“You never know what the future holds, so I am just enjoying being happy, healthy, and having my wonderful husband by my side.” – Olivia Newton-John

We live in the world where most people are thinking too much ahead, and they are not in the real time. When they wake up one day, they will find out that they missed all previous opportunities that could lead to happiness. Being happy with your husband is living in a world of today and enjoying every single second.


  1. How Technology Shaped Love?

“I just thank God my husband, and I found each other before the advent of social media. I can’t imagine dating someone and seeing what they’re doing on their Facebook page. And people breaking up with each other over texts now? We had to break up with each other face to face back then.” – Jen Lancaster

The advancement in technology changed the way we perceive love. People are becoming more estranged, and that could lead to complete individualism. However, when perfect people meet each other, nothing can stand in their way.


  1. The Meaning Of The Eternal Word

“Love is not just about love for your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, or wife. Love, for me, is the love for my work, family, and even friends. The emotion is very strong. It comes with a lot of responsibilities.” – Rithvik Dhanjani

Love is not just an emotion that you should use without a brain. It is a combination of affection and perfection, but still, it brings lots of problems with itself. However, it is simpler to beat the problems with someone such as your husband than alone, which is the main idea of marriage. To cope with the evil in the group and not alone.


  1. The Beautiful Truth

“Yeah, it’s tough being smart and sexy, too. I have to say; I’m really not that attractive. Until I met my husband, I could not get a date. I promise you it’s true. My husband Jeff Richmond saw a diamond in the rough and took me in.” – Tina Fey

Being beautiful means that you will find the man who loves you. If you already found the husband who adores you, that is just the beginning of being beautiful. It is important to see the picture and to have the complete idea of what you want. So, if the men love you for who you are in everyday life, then you are complete.


  1. The Ideal Marriage

“I have a fantastic husband. Here’s the honeymoon part: I still think he’s the funniest, wittiest, most clever man I’ve ever known.” – Sarah Jessica Parker

Being husband and best friend is not just about love, it is about affection and wish to help the other side and vice versa. Most people tend to stop making the partner laugh when they get married, but the laughter is the first step of affection. Therefore, you should always make your women laugh, for the sake of the world and beauty.


  1. Advice For Newcomers

“Within that dream of working with your partner, you want to be able to separate and have a home life. You have to be able to be husband and wife at the same time as business partners.” – Eric Winter

It is quite difficult to separate business and love, especially if you work as the business partners with your husband. These things will give you the idea whether you two are compatible to work together. As you can see, there are examples in which only married people helped each other to both of them gain perfection.


  1. That Is The Way I Like It

“The funny thing is that my husband couldn’t be sweeter. He looks like this bad boy. He’s got tattoos and earrings and a mohawk, but when you talk to him and he’s around you, he’s such a gentleman. He holds doors for ladies. He pulls out chairs. He cooks. He cleans.” – Malin Akerman

Being in a relationship means to divide responsibilities and to create a perfect groundwork that will work in the future. Finding that special someone means that you will do things for him, that you wouldn’t do for someone else. In there lies the magic.


  1. Home, Sweat Home!

“TV started for me just as a means of keeping my husband Desi off the road. He’d been on tour with his band since he got out of the Army, and we were in our 11th year of marriage and wanted to have children.” – Lucille Ball

It is difficult to live with someone who works outside the house for a long time. However, finding the perfect someone means that you will understand all his needs and present him yourself with the confidence.



As you can see from everything that we have mentioned above, partners should be friends before they enter the marriage. The love gives us the blind affection, so most people enter blindly into marriage to find out that they made a mistake and married someone they didn’t know.

On the other hand, if you find the perfect someone, you can talk with him for hours without boredom. That is the point of my husband is my best friend quotes that you have read up until now. It is simple as that.