51 Beautiful Missing My Best Friend Quotes For Your Loved Ones

missing my best friend quotes

We can all agree that friendship is one of the strongest emotions that people have with each other. However, friendship can sometimes become different due to inability to hang out anymore. Imagine that you have to leave the country or the city in which you have numerous friends. You probably will miss them as soon as you get outside the country.

Missing my best friend quotes will help you bear with the lost by seeing them or using any single one of them to send a message to your friends that you miss them. It is simple as that.

Top 51 Missing My Best Friend Quotes

  1. There are two types of disadvantages: the first one is when you want to count the hours to the next, and the other one when it is missing because it will never come.
  2. Some distances only bear that name. Some people are away, close to them. Like you, my closest distance is.
  3. The worst is when someone who has never been here being
  4. It’s not really how much I want to touch you. H Just to hand over your face, neck, shoulders. Just to feel your skin under your fingers. There is nothing that would please me more than that at this moment.
  5. I want you to be there. Here. The USA. Besides me, on this cold night. You hug me, you’re going to hate me, and you never let me go. I want to feel your hands around my profession sometime in the middle of the night and know that I’m safe … Because, as cold as I am, I will always be weak on you.
  6. You’re kidding me tomorrow when I’m sitting in silence, and I’m smoking my first cigarette, I’m going to watch the morning sky, breathe in my head, and I think life is beautiful. Eh, let me miss! Do you know how beautiful the sky is in our city? Do you remember that sun on the stone streets and our skin?
  7. Do you remember the bright blue sky above the blue sea and the dark green grass? Do you remember the streets we walked by holding hands? Do you remember the life we ​​had and what were we planning? Probably not. You do not remember anything, because you would remember it would hurt … You might as well as maybe just as it hurts.
  8. We miss what we were and are no longer. I miss what we could be and we will
  9. Come and bring me only your smile. I have everything else. I have eyes that will see your worried face; I have hands that will never let you fall, I have a heart where you will find your home.
  10. Yes, now I miss you too much so that we can exchange the message, our ones, the night, so we fall asleep with that sweet smile, but you do not answer, and I, I do not know, I do not want to bore you …
  11. Please, please, tonight I need more than one evening tonight, I know that it is selfish, that my desire, the need for what, but on this night, talking to you is the only thing that can calm me down, only I hope you do you know that?
  12. You miss me telling me that everything will be okay and that you start laughing when I go to tell you what concerns me. I miss you to believe in me and to cheer me up to do things that I’m afraid.
  13. I miss it to drive around the city and talk to me of various stories that I am trying to figure out because, in fact, I do not know anything about the place where I spent my whole life! I miss you laughing at my faces on your comments and constantly repeating: “I’m joking,” when you get me out.
  14. I miss your patience and the fact that you can sit and listen to me even though I’m talking unconnected nonsense. I miss you to look at you with pleasure when I’m smiling, as honestly as you do not laugh often. I miss you to show me how much I do not know without you making me stupid. I miss my hair, and you’re testing me when I finally get blue
  15. I miss the person who I am while I am with you. I miss the way you look at me. I do not miss talking about all the memories we have, then-then you say that you do not know what I’m talking about and in the end, you will correct me because that was not the case!
  16. I miss you just lying on your shoulder while you cascade me in total silence. I miss so many things about you that nothing is clear to me that I’m still a functional person since I do not have anymore.
  17. It hurts. This is not that sharp hysterical pain when you are tired of This is the pain, dull pain … when you die gradually. When you are aware of the correctness of the posture, when it hurts your courage, it does not miss you … But it hurts … It hurts your life, it hurts people, hurts you memories, stumbling, your desires, your futile effort.
  18. Every day. You get accustomed to being with someone else, but it’s probably almost time for you to take the time given to you because you forget to say what you want to say until it’s too late. But, you get used to living without someone, do you? If you do not get used to it, you swallow it all over. That’s why you find ways to push it aside and drive it further.
  19. Listen, you do not have to compete with her. And nobody will compare you with her. Except for me, I think. But it’s nothing personal. I did this to every woman I met after her. I just can not stop. I look at them – all of them, even those smart, even those beautiful, even those incredible – and I always think the same. It’s not her …
  20. You will never know how much I miss you, not because I will never tell you about it, but because there is no word strong enough for this lack of power.
  21. Yes, now I miss you too much so that we can exchange the message, our ones, the night, so we fall asleep with that sweet smile, but you can not answer, and I, I do not know, I do not want to bore you …
  22. ‘In the end, you become all the same.’ A sentence that everyone uses. But it’s not like that. It never gets you anyway. You remember from time to time that you could do everything, but you did not. You remember every night of everything that was, and you want it to be there for a minute or two. There is no need to lie to you; you are never. A small dose of missing forever remains.
  23. I wish you always. I do not need a reason, nor a good heart forward that keeps you so obediently. I wish your smell, look, smile. Your hands where the fate of my love is written. Missing … For my own now and for our forever.
  24. Facials have long since become tear resistant, but these have been glued down the heart and soaked my soul. She pushed her into the abyss. Blurred all the exits. And I did not see anything. Nothing but memories.
  25. People say you do not know what you have until you lose it. It’s true that you knew what you had, but you did not even think that you could lose it
  26. I do not know about you, but I can say with certainty that you are missing me… Days, months, even years have passed, but every day, every night like the same movie repeats … You miss me, you, you miss so much to hurt … More We always meet here somewhere between heaven and earth – in dreams, and I regret every time I wake up. I want to convey my thoughts and dreams, and in them tell you I love you like the day we said to one another: ‘Take care.’
  27. The truth is that everyone misses us all, and we want to miss him too.
  28. I did not know how much you mean to me until you started to miss me.
  29. Psychological Fact: When your mood breaks down for no reason, you miss one.
  30. I keep quiet, and I love it. I cry sometimes. In most cases when the days are bad. Like this one … And when I miss my absence. And You, You I miss you at this moment.
  31. It’s nothing to me. Just me, you miss it … For silence. For a hug. For a smile. It’s nothing to me, and it’s all for me.
  32. I’ll be fine. Leave me for a second. Maybe a couple of minutes. If it lasts for several days, it is not surprising. Coincidentally, the month … Who knows, a year goes by quickly. There is only one small imperceptible eternity to overcome and forget you.
  33. I saw her today in the embrace of an unknown man; she laughed, she was happy. She forgot me, and I hoped that this little one would wait for me forever. Wait for me while I live my life, while I kiss all the girls in the city, I look at all the taverns, I wait for the morning with the company. I thought I was young to tie in with someone and that I would have enough time for her, sometimes, later. And she waited for me and hoped and drowned her pain in tears, until one day she stopped and left forever. Now he has, has her heart, she has everything she offered to me, and I did not want to take it.
  34. She asked me how I was. I told her I was good, that I was happy. Oh, how much power should I say that lie? She believed it, and if only she could imagine how much I paid my mistake, how can wine only make me sleep, how to wake up every morning with the restlessness, how I dream and how I need it. She was the only one who sincerely loved me and the only one I truly loved and loved, only time does not go hand in hand, I later realized it too late. I envy her man, but ‘I’m happy,’ she deserves it, I will survive somehow, looking at it with a curse, I suppose.
  35. And come on, come to me once. Too long I am worse than wanting to feel close to you. Turn off the phones, forget the address you never get back to where you’re coming from. Come and bring your smile and love that you prove from day to day.
  36. Come to laugh together. To love in the rain. Let’s walk around the city with a hug. Come to feel the smell of your hair. Come to tell you how much he hurt every day of the waiting …
  37. I admit it’s hard to miss you! But I’m also happy to meet someone who is worth missing.
  38. The only correct answer to “missing” is “I’m coming.”
  39. It’s important who you miss at 3 pm while you are in a crowd, not at 3 in the morning when you are alone.
  40. Most of all, I loved his persistence, then when I’m sad to cheer me up when I’m motivated to motivate me, when I say “It’s nothing to me,” and he knows that something does not give up on the right answer … I’m sorry about that. I miss him.
  41. I need you, and I can not stand what you are not here.
  42. There are those you can not leave. And those you always return. There are those of whom you have gone, and they still have not left you. Meetings, collisions. Accidental and deliberate companions. Exhausted friendships. Missing love. Someone missed a sign. Where should I put you? In those, I do not go or those I always return?
  43. Time has done its own; now we are only strangers with feelings and longing.
  44. When someone is hoping, everyone looks back at him.
  45. You miss me … How much we have not talked, I do not even remember. I stopped counting the day. Anyway, all our sentences and phrases have already been tampered with, the words are exhausted, and we have nothing to talk about. We surrendered. We have lost love, and have fallen into those feelings that they are proudly called.
  46. But we were real.
  47. Come and tell me how much you missed me, and you won it forever.
  48. I will never recover from this love. You stripped me of light, strength, faith. My days are dead, and my life is dead. Everything is just an illusion: to laugh, to listen, to answer questions. Every day I expect something, some sign. Get me out of this black hole you pushed me in and told me why … Why did you leave me?
  49. I’m waiting for the morning when you wake up and realize that I miss you.
  50. We are missing one another. This is not talked about, and this is not recognized.
  51. I never thought of him as someone who had gone, someone, I would like to return to. Because from the moment when everything broke in me, I was hoping to repent. And nothing else. I think I will never hope for anything again as I hoped.

We have presented you heartwarming missing my best friend quotes that will help you understand how to cope with the lost of your friends. You don’t have to worry, because some friends are for life while others are momentary. The idea is to be with someone and to stop thinking about being alone. Think about your friends, send them a message that you miss them.

You can easily use any single quote from above to do so.