147 Unfortunate Fake Friend Quotes To Know What To Say

fake friend quotes

We can all agree that fake friendship is like a poison: it won’t kill you at once, but it will take everything from you. That is why you should understand how to notice the fake feelings. For example, friends that choose to be friends with you due to their agendas and interests are nothing less than fake friends are.

That is why it is important to mention this to them before they hurt you. That is the main reason why we decided to present you fake friend quotes so that you can know what to say in case of a bad situation.

The Best Fake Friend Quotes To Find Online

  1. Fake friends will stop talking to you, and about you, behind your back.
  2. With fake friends, you won’t lose anything when you lose them.
  3. The only bad thing when you’re full of money is that you won’t know who your fake is and who makes a friend.
  4. From my past, I merely regret the time spent on the wrong people.
  5. Sometimes, people, you thought your friends were stabbing you with a knife and then wondering why you were bleeding.
  6. I was never afraid of the strongest enemies; I was afraid of only false friends, and not for no reason because the ones who supported me most often were the ones who were most affected by me.
  7. I would like with friends as money, that I can lift them, turn to the sun and see who are real and who are false.
  8. Fake friends will ignore you until you need them again.
  9. When I see all my fake friends, I say blissful loneliness.
  10. A man cannot get to know him while he does not eat as much salt as he can with his teeth.
  11. Thousands of candles can ignite for one, and you can never kill the light of this candle. The same way, you can never diminish happiness especially when you share it with others.
  12. A wicked friend needs to be scared more than wild beasts, but your body may wound the beast, but a bad friend will wreck your spirit.
  13. We do not have to trust the people we have been friends with, which show that we like them from their old friends, so they will behave with us when they get new friends.
  14. True friends in trouble know.
  15. He needs to help his friends when they need it, and not to prove when they have already failed.
  16. Shared life will not always strengthen friendship.
  17. Braked love creates humanity, friendly is perfecting it, but disillusioned love breaks it down and humiliates it.
  18. A man unkempt becomes a friend of a woman if she can be a lover.
  19. Everyone will confess my right to deceive me-except, my friend!
  20. In addition, friends should tell the truth in the face.
  21. Conformity in thought creates a friendship.
  22. If you think of gratitude at every friendly service, then you did not give up but sold it.
  23. Death, the eternal thought, the childhood friend, the food of my days and my nights, the pervert of the consciousness in our forget-me-nots, the only constant and everlasting presence in us.
  24. Preserving people means to rule them.
  25. Friendship is always a sweet responsibility, never comfort.”
  26. I’m pushing through a lively life, and though I live quite happily, I have no one specifically … With whom he would be happy and crazy and so calm and secure everywhere, I have no one to imagine and tell me all the night.
  27. It was my golden opportunity, and I just started my lap. My little faithful Sancho Pansa, my mistress, my subtract and my best drug.
  28. The character cannot develop through lightness and peace, only through the temptation and suffer the soul can strengthen, the vision to clarify, the ambition to inspire and the success to achieve my friends have written the story of my life. In myriad ways have turned my weaknesses into great advantages and enabled let me walk calmly and happily under the shadow of my lack.
  29. The best friend of a woman is her mother.
  30. A woman can become a friend to a man only in this order: the first acquaintance, then the mistress, then only the friend.
  31. There are no permanent perpetrators and our constant enemies; there are only our permanent interests.
  32. A learned woman is a real whip for her husband, for her children, for her friends, for her service, and the whole world.
  33. Poor is the love to which the imagination ceases to be a friend.
  34. Friendship is the hardest thing in the world to explain. This is not something we learn in school, but if you have not learned what the meaning of friendship means, you have not learned anything.
  35. A friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future, and accepts you today as you do.
  36. Without a doubt, it is not difficult to die for a friend because it is difficult to find a friend who deserves to die for him!
  37. It does not matter where you are, but whom you are with.
  38. A true friend is the one who holds you by the hand and touches your heart.
  39. True friends in trouble know.
  40. The language of friendship is not a word, but a meaning.
  41. Friendship is a value above all other values.
  42. What’s fun in the adventure when you cannot share it with a friend?
  43. A friend can go to live far, so far you will never see him again. Still, he’s a part of you forever.
  44. The only way to have friends is to be a friend.
  45. The highest sign of friendship is to be equal and lower than you.
  46. The best type of friend is the one with which you can sit all night without speaking or say, and when you leave, you feel like it’s the best conversation in your life.
  47. I see nothing in the fact that I will survive a friend and remain only a monument in the past.
  48. One day, love asked friendship: “Why are you here when I was there?” In addition, friendship said: “Let me swim where you leave tears.
  49. No man shared his joy with a friend, and he did not like it anymore, because no man shared his sadness with a friend, but he was no less grieving.
  50. Do not walk in front of me; maybe I will not follow. Do not walk behind me; maybe I will not lead. Walk alongside me and be my friend.
  51. One of the main functions of friends is to withstand (in a milder and symbolic form) the punishment we want, but we cannot do it against our enemies.
  52. Friendship is one soul in two bodies.
  53. The friend of all is no one’s friend.
  54. We can forgive our friends for mistakes that do not affect us.
  55. Murderers use more enemies than crazy friends.
  56. If all people knew what they were saying about each other, there would not be four friends in the world.
  57. I do not see any comfort in the fact that I will survive a friend and remain only a monument of past times.
  58. Life without friendship is nothing.
  59. We create the real friendship when silence between two men becomes pleasant.
  60. I sketched a whole series of variations on the original theme. These variations worked for me because I gave them the names of my friends.
  61. A friend is one who knows everything about you, and he still values ​​you.
  62. We do not need to trust the people with whom we have just made friends, who show that we are irritating to their old friends, so they will behave with us when they get new friends.
  63. True friends are in trouble.
  64. They need to help their friends when they need it, not proving themselves when they’ve already fallen.
  65. Common life will not always strengthen friendship.
  66. The language of friendship is not a word but a meaning.
  67. Nothing makes the country as spacious as friends in the distance do; they create latitude and longitude.
  68. A man does not want to be a friend of a woman if he can be her lover.
  69. The one who kneels an absent friend is malicious.
  70. It is impossible to determine the moment of the birth of friendship accurately. As there is, a stroke that fills the court when you charge it, so after a series of pleasant gestures that helped your heart understand.
  71. Love and friendship mutually exclude each other.
  72. Nothing is as dangerous as a friend of ignoramus is; it would be worth more than a smart enemy.
  73. Friendship is always a sweet responsibility, never comfort.
  74. Friendship is a boat that can carry two if it’s a nice time, but not one if it’s ugly.
  75. You need both the enemy and the friend to get you into the heart; one is to slander you, and the other will tell you.
  76. Let no one consider his faithful friend a man with whom he has not eaten salt.
  77. In the end, we will not remember the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.
  78. A lie usually kills friendship, but true love.
  79. Friendship was proof for me that there is something stronger than ideology, religion, and nation.” In Dumas’s novel, four friends are often in opposing camps, forced to fight each other, but this does not spoil their friendship. Another, cunningly, ridiculing the truth of their camps. They put their friendship above the truth, interests, higher goals, above the king, the queen, above all.
  80. Friendship is the hardest thing in the world to explain. It’s not something that we learn at school, but if you did not learn what the meaning of friendship was, you did not learn anything.”
  81. An accident increases our sense of friendship and love.
  82. Love is blind; friendship tries to see nothing.
  83. The charm of a meeting with a friend is considerably diminishing the feeling that I do not love his wife.”
  84. Love is caviar and a wedding cake, strawberries and whipped cream, and love are champagne.” Friendship is fresh bread and butter, white cheese and tea for two, and of course, it’s best to combine one’s life with each other.
  85. I do not need a friend who agrees and agrees with all my head, because that’s what my shadow can do even better.
  86. It is not always worthy of being a friend of one who is forced to be very intimate.
  87. We make mistakes of our friends, so why not bear the mistakes of our children.”
  88. The only way to have friends is to be a friend.
  89. I work with my friends as much as I do with their books. I would like them to be where I can find them, but I rarely use them.
  90. Friends are like shadows; they’re always there when you need them.
  91. I could have made friends with the one who made me a thousand pangs in the performance of passion, but with a cold man who would make me a thousand goods.
  92. Books are cool and reliable friends.
  93. Everyone will know how to tell you how many goats and sheep are, but not how many friends they have.
  94. Among friends should be loved not only those who regret our misfortunes, but also those who do not envy us fortunate.
  95. Friendship is an integral part of human happiness.
  96. He is not a friend of those who say it, but one who denies this and acquires them by works!”
  97. A rare visit enhances friendship.
  98. Eat with your friends, but do not work with them.
  99. Whoever stops being a friend, a friend has never been.
  100. When we smile, we meet friends, when we turn our back to meet a beautiful woman.
  101. Use your friend when you are alone, praise him publicly.
  102. Friendship coupled with glass is mostly glass.
  103. By the fifth year your child is your master, to your tenth servant, from your tenth to fifteen, your secret covenant, and then he becomes your friend or your enemy.
  104. Wine makes friends, and tears put them on trial.
  105. When he has good wine, he has a good friend.
  106. It’s very difficult when a person loves someone who does not like him anymore, but it’s incomparably harder when someone you do not like anymore.
  107. Whoever tells you about others’ faults will tell others about yours.
  108. It’s a bad friend like a shadow. When the day is sunny, you cannot get rid of it, and when it’s tough, you cannot find it.
  109. When he is poor, he must say to himself: ‘On health.’
  110. You need a friend and an enemy to get you into the heart, one to kneel and another to tell you.
  111. A friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future, and accepts you today as you are.
  112. Friends create happiness, and accidents check them out.
  113. If someone hates many people, that must be a good man.
  114. Do not walk in front of me; maybe I will not follow you … Do not walk behind me; maybe I will not lead you … Just walk with me, and be my friend.
  115. A hug is a wonderful gift – one size fits all.
  116. It does not matter where you are, but with whom you are.
  117. If you want to have friends among people, you have to do something for them; you have to devote the time, the energy of unselfish love and attention.
  118. When seeking advice, consider the possibility of accepting it.
  119. No doubt: it’s not hard to die for a friend, as it’s hard to come across a friend who deserves the man to die for him!
  120. Friendship is a thin wire, can be interrupted easily and you can complement it again, but the node remains.
  121. Keep me “friends” God; I keep my enemies.
  122. Friendship is one soul that lives in two bodies.
  123. When friends are against you, this means you absolutely sin or are right.
  124. We have fewer friends than we think and more than we know.
  125. No matter how serious life demands from you, you always need a friend with whom you can fool!
  126. Do not do it to others; you will not want someone to do you!
  127. True generosity does not expect anything in return.
  128. Friendship is like money; it is easier to get than it saves.
  129. Perhaps they are not always near you; you may not see them often, they may have their problems, it’s important to know that they love you and that your friends always exist.
  130. Wealth is to know someone like you because your soul is great and powerful, your goodness destroys every evil, so it lives in everything because you deserve it.
  131. When God loves a man, he gives him a friend. You can imagine how much he loved me when he gave me you as a friend.
  132. Maybe in my life, I go another way, maybe there I find a better life, love, happiness, but I know that such a friend will not have.
  133. Friendship is fragile as petals of roses, as support in life; friends serve, so it bravely and decisively passes through life because your friend on your side is watching.
  134. If you find it difficult to meet evil people in your life, if your heart is deeply wounded, I will not let it stop, I will not tell you goodbye, I will be a friend, and I will post you.
  135. Remember that there is something more important than gold, something sweeter than chocolate, remember, friend, that you have me and that I will always be with you.
  136. Thank you for your happiness, joy, and laughter, thank you for every hidden sin. Thank you for the word that tears erase, such a friend is no longer.
  137. Friends are like stars – you do not always see them, but you know they are there forever.
  138. I will pass a lot and see everything, but my heart will not stop imagining. I will ask many people, but a true friend like you will not find my legs.
  139. When everyone turns your back, and when you realize that life contains too much pain, look at me, I give you my hands because a friend never stops loving.
  140. Every friend is one of the worlds in us, a world that is not born until a friend appears.
  141. Destiny gives us parents, but we choose our friends alone. A friend is one who knows everything about you and despite that, he still loves you.
  142. Friendship is fragile as a rose petal, and we use friends to supporting That’s why it’s treading through life, because somewhere on the side of a friend you watch.
  143. They say that love is more important than friendship, but that friendship is more durable than life.
  144. I’m not afraid when everyone leaves me because I know you will not. I’m not afraid when the storm is getting ready because I have a friend no one has.
  145. In the years to come, what life means to us, we would be better and stronger together? However, life is not a dream full of dreams – know that you have an eternal friend in me.
  146. I will give you your hand when you feel loneliness; I will give you an embrace when you feel cold, for each of your pain I will find a cure, that true friend will be for you forever.
  147. 1000 was a tear in my eyes, 1000 is the desire that my life did not fulfill, it’s a little love that everyone feels, and even fewer friends like you.


As you can see from everything that we have mentioned above, there are numerous ways to determine whether someone is hanging with you because of some agenda or emotion. Of course, if you notice that the agenda is the primary reason, then you should find a way to tell him/her what you’ve found out.

The best way to do it is to reread fake friend quotes that we have presented you so that you can prepare yourself in case of something bad happens. It is simple as that.