115 Faithful Christian Friendship Quotes To Help Those In Need

christian friendship quotes

Christianity throughout their history tried to connect the ideas of men, god, and friends. We can find numerous Christian Friendship Quotes that will provide you the peace of mind.

If you tend to live by the rules of God, it is essential to follow the rules that will allow you to become a better person. The best way to do it is to show your friends that you care about them and that you want to present them your affection.

We decided to present you the best and historically important faithful friendship quotes:

Earnest Christian Friendship Quotes

  1. People are beautiful, but friends will give you the love you always wanted.
  2. Friends should be like hands and eyes. When a hand hurts – eyes cry. In addition, when the eyes cry, the hands are tearing their tears.
  3. Lord, give me one day for my friends, for which I do not have to regret
  4. If you are down, rise; if you are deceived and dispossessed, rearm yourself; if you are defeated, go back to battle because for friends you should fight.
  5. The virtue is like thirst. When a person begins to drink, he is more and more thirsty, and more and more often asks to drink.
  6. As soon as a thought of a friend in love is born in us, we know that we have received the influences of ghosts of love. Receiving the thought of love, we receive the god into the body. Ghosts are not visible; we give them the body to be visible.
  7. Do not be wise. Neither stranger, it’s not yours. Not to your own, because as soon as you have done, it means that you do not have much.
  8. Three things do not rush to speak: Oh God until you establish faith in Him, you are sinful for others until you remember yourselves and tomorrow’s day until it is finished.
  9. It does not matter how much force you are fighting, but what kind of friend you defend!
  10. If you run from a friend, he will not hurry, but he will wait for you!
  11. The few on the earth’s bow are calm and meek, but because of friends, the sun heats!
  12. To leave a friend in a sweet paradise, he needs to experience a lot of bitterness here, to have a “passport” of temptation in his hand.
  13. To frighten the fire of Divine love and friendship, there are no better woods, than a tree of baptism (trouble).
  14. While friends live indifferently, we have a fear of everything and everything. When we recognize God, fear comes from His judgment. In addition, when we love God, all fears disappear.
  15. You always speak to God more about your friend than to your friend about God.
  16. There are no more beautiful things in the world than a face full of excitement and friendship.
  17. All our troubles happen because we don’t have friends that could calm us down. Calming is the greatest wealth a person can possess.
  18. We do not defend ourselves from the friends but the evil.
  19. No evil friends can do me unless there is a vulnerable place in me. If my soul has no open windows, you cannot insert the dirt into
  20. A friend is the first gift of God, and through it, we gain other gifts.
  21. Do not be angry with a friend, a snake that rubbing your teeth. Behold, the man of the poison and the teeth, and the word, and the thought and the hand. When you can hug a friend without danger, you will be able to bite the snake in less time with less danger.
  22. I respect the sunflower because he managed to make his friend bow to him. Look, and your head has to be a friend of your body, your bodyguard, but you have made it a court-fool. I respect the sunflower because at least I hold my heading dignity, royal.
  23. What are your thoughts my friend – such is your life!
  24. Keep an eye on your thoughts, my friend; everything comes from thoughts, good and evil; Thoughts precede work.
  25. The body feeds itself from the food and the spirit from friends.
  26. When the wall itself erodes the evil itself, friend turns to destroy evil.
  27. The best business is opening a factory that produces friends.
  28. Do not give your opinion to anyone except true friends, even if you were right. Because of the more you press, the more bounce.
  29. If a friend offered you a golden cup of the best wine in the world and said, Drink, but knows, that it’s at the bottom of the scorpion – would you drink? In every cup of delusion, the earthly ones are at the bottom of the scorpions. Besides, unfortunately, the cups are so shallow, that the scorpion is always close to the lips.
  30. To lose the shame means, after all, to recognize your friend as perfection.
  31. Friends throw apple seed in the ground, and we do not come to harvest the fruits in a month, but for several years, we cultivate a tree, and then we expect fruits. Similarly, the fruits of love will not appear immediately because the human soul is much more complicated than the plant.
  32. Show honor to your friend, not looking at age, sex, stock, and gradually your holy heart will begin to manifest holy love.
  33. The man who praises the friend in his absence is the same as the one who accumulates well in his treasury.
  34. Let’s separate ourselves from the friend of everything we see and adhere to what we believe. This is a cross we need to imprint on everyday work and behavior.
  35. Although the Spirit is one, the gifts are not equal, because the friends are not equal.
  36. You take care of God, and God will take care of your friends.
  37. The logic of this world disfigures our friendships and spiritual sensitivity.
  38. The goal of our lives is to return to the arms of the Father of Heaven and to have a friend on the earth.
  39. Now, love, and you will love the friend. Peace will rest in peace.
  40. Fasting does not lead the belly over God but keeps you in the hands of
  41. Prayer is not for the soul, but for people who love you.
  42. Go, go, go, and go about it.
  43. Help us God Yes, broth is better!
  44. To the glory of friends, that is the way by pride and to the glory of God alone, that is, by death.
  45. No one can blind friend’s eyes, which she does not understand.” Blessed are purged with clemency, See God is seen.
  46. Therefore, be ready, because at what time you do not think, the friend will come.
  47. If you want to be above all sin, then do not investigate your friends but love them, because there are many things to you because of which you consider me guilty of another.
  48. Without our Lord Jesus Christ and best friends, life on earth does not make any sense. No matter how you look at it, life is not logical.
  49. We cannot deceive God and real friends.
  50. To hope for the immortal life that God has prepared for all those who love Him.
  51. Being a Christian means to believe in the inexpressible love of God toward friends, which is revealed to the world in the redeeming of the Son of God and His suffering for the people.
  52. Be careful how you live with friends, not as foolish, but as wise, using time, because the days are evil.
  53. I do not call love but communion and falling away from friend love when one promotes heretic mischief, the greater disaster of those people who hold that error.
  54. What are you boasting about?” Fortunately: Look, the fox is untrustworthy to happiness. In addition, when it thrives for the hundredth time to catch a hen, she is listening in awe, from which the rifle will pull the rifle. We are friends, and that’s why we’re different.
  55. You cannot do anything without friends, God said. At every step, a reasonable man learns the truthfulness of these words from morning to night. Only this knowledge makes him great before God.
  56. Gospel tears are those that flow from hearts without friends. The gospel tears are tears for the lost friends.
  57. Good Friday was the day when Jesus Christ crucified and died, and his friends then put out a red cloak and three times, with the sounds of clutches, around the church, symbolically representing the funeral of Christ.
  58. Only the friend could reward this suffering. Only with friends, can nature and our conscience calm down.
  59. The people have a great obstacle to friends; the empty glory of the grave is free, and who seeks the empty glory from within doesn’t have virtue.
  60. I’m sorry, Lord! I answered all your love with a series of betrayals, but I nevertheless came to you, and you are my only friend.
  61. Prayer “Lord Pray” is like a sword that cuts lousy friends in half.
  62. Do not let the evil be around you to wake up evil in your friends.
  63. The angels and friends sang in heaven. Orthodoxy and all Christians sing in the glory of God, and the Lord will.
  64. Now, like never before, we should rely on friends and resist evil in prayer. That’s the only way out.
  65. In the time of friendships, let us hold back the bitterness and succor – let’s go!
  66. Honestly, you love the friend who is praying to God secretly for you.
  67. Simplicity is friend’s greatest good and virtue.
  68. Do not leave your friend wealth, gold or silver, but Christian education, and not a luxurious house, but able to endure, not rich, but good and devout friends.
  69. Friends welcome you to the past and future greetings of humanity: Christ is born!
  70. Friends have an abundance of love, but without friends, you can tremble and turn it into envy.
  71. Friends can love themselves very much, and such love causes suffering and turns into torture.
  72. If we deprive ourselves of friends love, then all this love remains to us for Christ and his neighbors.
  73. When approaching praying to the friend, before prayer, be firmly convinced that you will not leave him without receiving a gift…
  74. Good friends are those of love for God. They feed men, give souls great joy; whether they eat, whether they eat, if they cry, he is seated.
  75. It means a lot when there is a friend in the house. Friends attract the grace of God that is what everyone is feeling. That’s why we should pray continually.
  76. Leave the friend to his innocent games, for he is so amused with his Angel.
  77. In dealing with friends, you should be mild, meek, and lenient.
  78. If there are difficulties here, friends cannot trouble us, and we preserve the face and soul, so much more merit and even greater honor before God.
  79. The heart is cold when you scatter it without friends.
  80. May the will of friends be with you, and how you know and save me?
  81. Do not avoid friends; there is nothing stronger in the world than it is. It is your hope; in it is your salvation.
  82. What’s worth to friend is that everything is both comfortable and easy, and he loses his face and soul.
  83. Come on good friend and not be good.
  84. Rule yourselves as children of light, for the fruit of the friends is in every kindness, righteousness, and truth.
  85. Each of us needs to see in the person of another man the face of friends, the face of his brother and the eternal Sabbath.
  86. Great wealth reveals poverty and friends. The greater wealth you accumulate, the sadder you are. Wealth is not life; wealth is only a supporter of this short-lived earthly life.
  87. Look out for yourself and friends… Because, due to excessive inattention, many have fallen into great and incurable diseases, not even knowing that they are ill.
  88. The prayer of faith will help the friend, and the Lord will raise him up; and if he has committed sins. He will get the forgiveness.
  89. When we see a friend who is, even though he has everything, is tense, concerned and sad, let’s know that he is missing God.
  90. Now, love your friends, and you will love to love. Peace is peace, and you will rest in peace.
  91. The Psalm is the work of the friends, the heavenly life, and the spiritual incense.
  92. God is waiting for the friends to give him the point of the life.
  93. Loneliness is a mental illness, a cunning passion. Having a friend is completely It will provide you with purity.
  94. If one does not unite with the friends here, he will never be united with Him.
  95. Your Mother is the Empress of Heaven, and it governs everything you and your friends have.
  96. Think of the meaning of life more deeply. First, look for the friends “From there comes simplicity and every proper setting.
  97. If you mourn for sin, the friend will receive it for your salvation.
  98. He is the only one who is with the friend and who is conscious of his salvation.
  99. When we ask for lousy friends, we lose everything. We lose our peace and our salaries.
  100. Live continually glorious friends and bless God. The greatest sin is inferiority.
  101. Without friends, there can be science and culture, art and money, but peace is never a psychic.
  102. We did not choose a country where we will be born a nation in which we will be born neither the time in which we will be born, but we choose friends – whether we will be people or non-humans.
  103. Do not worry, therefore, for tomorrow; because tomorrow they will take care of friends. It is enough for every day of its evil.
  104. Do not gather yourselves treasured on the earth, where the moth and rust are ruining, and where the bugs are undermining and stealing: Though you should treasure friends, where neither the moth nor the rust will ruin, and where the bugs do not steal and steal. There will be your heart.
  105. A man who does well, the team is one-step closer to friends, and the one who does evil goes a step backward. All our lives we climb and descend. Live in a way that would draw you ever closer to God.
  106. He is the servant of the friend who can suffer iniquity.
  107. First, at the beginning of every new day and every new work, let it be in the name and praise of it, I will be my friend.
  108. It will be with friends to live, and in happiness, there is happiness.
  109. Poor is an unkind man. A friend is a wealthy
  110. Repentance is a change of life, a turning towards friendship, leaving something that is negative.
  111. I am washing my hand in righteousness, and I go around the altar of your friend.
  112. At the time of the feast, we hold the pride, judgment, and friends – let’s go!
  113. The Son of God has become our friend, that he may make the sons of men the children of God.
  114. Make peace with yourself and friends, and heaven and earth will also be reconciled to you.
  115. Our Father in heaven is omnipotent and all knowing. He knows your suffering, and if he sees it necessary and useful for you to pass some glass, it will do it.


As you can see from everything that we have mentioned above, numerous Christian Friendship Quotes will give you insight into how past thought about this particular idea.

The Christian idea is to help you reach the perfection within yourself. However, without sharing that knowledge with your best friends, you won’t be able to achieve the maximum unity.

Think about it.