147 Blissful Cheer Up Quotes For Friends In Need

cheer up quotes for friends

Having friends is not only about having a good time because we are all humans and therefore we have to feel opposite emotions from time to time. You probably remember the times when you were feeling bad, and you had someone to hold your hand and to help you cope with the reality. That is what you should do when you see your best friend going down. The idea is to sit next to her/him and to tell how the world is different and how everything will be okay. Having someone next to you in the moments of despair is a great way to rationalize everything and to get out from the hole of bad thoughts. If you want to help a friend in need, we recommend you to read Cheer Up Quotes For Friends that we decided to present you down below:

Pleasant Cheer-Up Quotes For Friends

  1. The soul feeds on what is pleased, and that are happy friends.
  2. There are those who cry because the roses have thorns. When you have friends, it doesn’t matter whether thorns have.
  3. In addition, many times, friends enjoy listening to evil about their acquaintances, especially if nature has endowed them with some of the advantages.
  4. Friends are glad they do not know you.
  5. Happy and good people are looking for friendship; other people will look for a servant.
  6. Friends are delighting me when everything sinks when I do not give it back to anyone.
  7. Where are you, friends of the old, nothing can be lucky to spoil us cups, sing for all those days when we were happy and happy?
  8. Among them lies something, since they remember and that friends would not be able to say what it is. Therefore – they refuse, friends are happier when they do not meet. They cannot do the same things and things, they are not angry, the same people are not their friends; they are opposed, they are contrary to thoughts and wonders, and as if the roads are always crossing.
  9. I want to make a song tonight, to cheer you up my friends.
  10. You will lull a long white world, with a knighthood, but one day, friends will make you return to the old home, you will remember once, and you will know how to sneak, like a ship without a storm, you will wonder forever!
  11. Because you are my friend, some days were really glad some of them were sad, and some people came to me.
  12. We often see friends who are trying to show themselves in different ways; they think that everyone should be more happy and serious. Without exception, in some way decide who is worse than his determination.
  13. Prefer the craziness and friends that makes me happy, but the experience that fills me.
  14. I love friends for TV commercials I share business cards with nice looking.
  15. Friends are glad to know you because their main point is to love.
  16. It’s great to sing in the choir, in a crowd of happy friends and wait for the dawn.
  17. In addition, laughing. Laughs, and laughs for friends! The ridiculous cloud floats in the sky, the teacher tells funny stories, ridiculous are the mustaches in the wires, and some are funny children’s dreams. In addition, laughing. Laughs, and laughs for friends! Cheerful songs are awakening to a child, and he will go cheerfully to the bed, cheerful only as a water bubble, and happy people will grow. Therefore, laughing, and laughing friends!
  18. It hurts and stops, passes and returns. Everything disappears, now when the jokes of us are smiling. I like these facial expressions when we rejoice my friend; then we have the feeling that we live.
  19. Kissing friends instead of his mother in both faces, the old woman, according to the custom, desired that Christmas and the Holy Birth of Jesus came to him well, and then something difficult came to her, she regained consciousness, turned her head to the ground and began to cry quietly.
  20. One day I will go far from here, move to a country far away from where you cannot go dark with the street because friends are looking at you in the eyes.
  21. By dawn, by the dawn you can rejoice without worry, without the care of friends, you will pay.
  22. I’m looking forward to the next stage of my life because I’ve found my friends.
  23. Life is ridiculous, is not it? Just when you think that you have discovered everything, just when you start to work on plans, you begin to rejoice and feel as if you know in which direction you are going, the path changes, the signs change, the wind sweeps in the other direction, the north suddenly turns south, the eastern west and you remain lost. It’s easy to lose the road, lose the direction.
  24. What makes us most directly happy is the serenity of the mind. This feature is a reward for itself. Therefore, we can place cheerfulness in front of all tendencies!
  25. An optimist believes at the end of the world, while you cannot rely on pessimist.
  26. Some friends cry because the roses have thorns. You are looking forward to the thorns having roses.
  27. A friend often becomes what he thinks about himself. If I keep repeating how you cannot do things, I probably will not be able to do it. On the contrary, if I believe I can, I will surely get the ability to do it.
  28. I mean, if, for example, friends conclude that everything is meaningless, then that cannot be meaningless, because you are already aware, that it is pointless and that consciousness of senselessness itself gives some meaning. You know what I mean. Like some optimistic pessimism.
  29. I always thought friends could think positively, just as we think negatively.
  30. My friend, do not be angry that the rose bush carries thorns but rejoice that the thorn bush carries the rose.
  31. Friend, for example, is young, beautiful, and rich and esteemed, so we are wondering when we want to assess his happiness, is it because of that he is cheerful? If, on the contrary, he is cheerful, it is completely unclear whether he is young or old, drowsy or humble, poor or rich: he is happy.
  32. The brightness of the world seems bright because we have our friends around us who will help us cope with the world.
  33. Before you, start looking for happiness, check out – you may already be happy. Happiness is small, plain and inconspicuous, and many do not know how to see it.
  34. A cheerful man is like the sun: wherever it goes, it lights up!
  35. A truly happy person can enjoy the landscape and when he has to go round the road.
  36. There is no way to happiness; the way is happiness.
  37. Happiness is in everything. You have to be able to extract it.
  38. You can find the happiness in the darkest place, only when people would remember to turn on the light.
  39. There are two things that we all strive for in life: The first is to get what we want, and the other to enjoy it. Rarely manage this one else.
  40. Happiness in this life depends less on what is happening to us, and more about the way we accept it.
  41. Be so happy to make it addictive.
  42. Those who bring light into the lives of others, they never walk in the dark.
  43. Do not be angry at the ugly bush wearing thorns, but rejoice that thorn bushes carry roses. Whoever is not satisfied with what he has, he would not be satisfied with what he would have wanted.
  44. Very often, the desires for what we do not do not allow us to rejoice and enjoy what we have.
  45. If you learn to live in the bitterness, you will always anchor happiness elsewhere.
  46. The great obstacle to happiness is the expectation of too much happiness.
  47. It is best not only to come. It comes in the company of everything.
  48. You’re never so happy or as unhappy as you imagine.
  49. Enjoy the little things; Many friends can make us happy.
  50. It does not matter what you do, but to love what you do.
  51. Happiness comes from a spiritual, not material wealth.
  52. The happiest man is the man who made him happy most other people.
  53. Make your home happy, and you will be happy in your home.
  54. Happiness is like grain: there is no right to spend it other than the one who produces it.
  55. No one can take luck with anyone.
  56. Faith in joy is almost the same as well as the joy itself.
  57. When joy arises, we need to open the windows and doors, because it never comes at the wrong time.
  58. Who wants to cheer people up must have joy in itself.
  59. Sharing joy is a double joy. Pain is half the pain.
  60. The soul feeds on what is pleased.
  61. Life without joy is like oil-free oil.
  62. To live for others is not just a law of duty, but happiness.
  63. It’s real secret luck in that that we demand a lot from ourselves, and few others.
  64. It’s not good to be unhappy, but it’s good if we were.
  65. Whoever fears an accident, friends will not see happiness either.
  66. The biggest part of our accident friends came to us because we were meeting them.
  67. An accident can be a bridge on the road to happiness.
  68. Happy and lead cork, and unhappy and crayon tones.
  69. If you want to live a happy life, hang it with the goal, not with people or things.
  70. Pleasure is the happiness of the crazy. Happiness is the pleasure of the wise.
  71. It’s terrible in the world what it is we try to be happy with the same fervor, as well as others to prevent it.
  72. People often overcome their happiness, stranger never.
  73. How would people be happy? When they would care about others’ things just as little like your own.
  74. Human will tend to be sad because of good things, and not bad ones such as poverty.
  75. If you are 98% lucky in life and 2% unhappy, and if you concentrate 100% on this 2 %, your life will be unhappy.
  76. It does not matter how much money you have, but you cannot buy friends.
  77. Staircase for traces of rain; he will walk through the paths of the song, and everything will be beautiful around you and within you.
  78. Give a friend a fish and feed him for a day, teach him how to hunt him and feed him for a lifetime.
  79. Where it is worth walking does not lead to a shortcut.
  80. The roots of knowledge are bitter, but the fruits are sweet.
  81. The more schools – the fewer The more knowledge – the more property.
  82. Nobody in the world is stronger than the man he knows.
  83. What a man learns, water cannot take nor fire burns. ‘
  84. The wisest head, the easier it is for your back.
  85. He is a wise friend who does not sorrow for what he has not, but is happy because of what he has.
  86. A woman without honor has never been beautiful either.
  87. Doesn’t worry about what people think, they rarely do?
  88. The best advice is not to give advice.
  89. Only two things are infinite, the universe and the human stupidity. I’m not sure about the universe.
  90. Love is like a soccer ball – they are all wicked to come, and when it arrives – it’s silent!
  91. Love it; it does not mean to look at each other, but to look together in the same direction.
  92. Open your eyes well when you are pregnant, and then close it!
  93. I cried that I had no shoes until I saw a friend who did not have a leg.
  94. In addition, the largest house is built with small bricks.
  95. When you climb the stairs, you always greet those you are lucky because you will see them again when you’re down!
  96. You can twist shame twice on the same stone, but you will still be able to fight it, my friend.
  97. I’m interested in the future because I’m going to spend the rest of my life.
  98. Do not let your snake bite twice underneath the same stone.
  99. Life is what it takes, not what goes on.
  100. Most people take revenge when it is cold, but the warmth of our hearts will make us friends forever.
  101. Knowledge is power. Knowledge Wins and it is the treasure that your owner is carrying everywhere.”
  102. In addition, learning should be learned.
  103. Superior Achievement = Self-Faith + Commitment.
  104. There is no urgency; there are only those who are late
  105. Friends who think they can do it are defeated.
  106. No one can go back to get started from scratch. Everyone can start now and make a completely new end!
  107. The hardest thing in life is to know which about crossed and crushed bridges.
  108. In our lives, there were so many things that we were afraid of, and it was not necessary, it was supposed to live.
  109. Do not go where your path leads, go where there is no time and leave a trace.
  110. I would love to hate me because of what I am but to love me because of what I did not.
  111. Bring the cross and do not cross the cross!
  112. In the end, we will not remember the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.
  113. Do not argue with a fool. The first conversation will fall to your level, and then you will experience it.
  114. The deep river will not blur if you throw a stone in it, so it’s with a man.” “If a man is angry with insults, then he is not a river.
  115. When you hit a slap, turn your other cheek, do not talk, and do not be fair because such proof is not needed. Do not let them break your eyes, because friends have their souls. Quit and laugh, you have the courage, and that’s the virtue! When you want together, you would love to yourself.
  116. One real wealth is the wealth of the soul; they remain good subject to great losses.
  117. Do not waste time with someone who does not want to spend your time with you.
  118. Whoever wants and wants to do something will find the way; anyone who does nothing will find justification.
  119. Do not say anything you know, do not do everything you can, do not rely on everything you hear, do not give anything that you have, do not want anything you do not like just the one you love.
  120. I cannot give you a recipe for success, but I can tell you the formula for failure.
  121. The hardest thing is to help a drowning man who is convinced that everything is fine with him.
  122. The passage comes as a beggar, then as a guest and eventually as a master in the house.
  123. No one was born who liked each other.
  124. If you do not have friend completely, then it is best to lose it completely.
  125. Whatever silence would have created if all people would only speak what they know.
  126. Sure is the best thing in the world. Friends think that they had enough.
  127. People are like shells; you have to open them to thousands to find a pearl.
  128. It is better to say nothing and to be considered a fool, but to speak and to eliminate any doubt!
  129. Strange is how little we need to be happy, and even weirder that we miss it a bit.
  130. Everything has its beauty, but no one sees it.
  131. Act fast, think slowly. Do not make a mistake is a big mistake.
  132. The advantage of talking to yourself is to know that somebody is listening to you.
  133. Experience is a magical thing that allows you to recognize a mistake that we are doing again.
  134. Courage is the only one who knows you are afraid.
  135. Do not turn around; you can catch something.
  136. Motivation is a simple thing. Just eliminate what demotivates you.
  137. You cannot buy friends with money, but you can get a higher class of enemies.
  138. With the goal of the eyes and the slowest, they advance faster than the fastest targets!
  139. Today it’s hard to be crazy. We have great competition, but as long as I’m with friends, no one can do me any harm!
  140. A smart man sees as much as he needs, not as much as he can see.
  141. Always do one thing less than you think you can.
  142. If you do not try, you will never succeed, but if you try, you may be surprised.
  143. Yesterday is the past, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is a gift.
  144. You cannot measure success by the position we have gained in life, but by the obstacles, we have overcome while we are trying to achieve success.
  145. Never apologize for feelings because you apologize for the truth.
  146. No heritage is as rich as honesty.
  147. The basic law of life is a joy. Think of success and you will be successful. Think of luck and you will be happy. Think about your health and you will be healthy.


As you can see from everything that we have mentioned above, the idea of having friends is not just a one-way street. You have to work with them, show your affection and help them cope with their insecurities, the same way, as they would do if you were in a problem. Therefore, the best way to do next to a friend is to cheer him/her up by using Cheer Up Quotes for Friends, which we have presented you above. You have to follow the exact form of quotes, and your friend will feel better in no time. It is simple as that.