131 Heartbreaking Broken Friendship Quotes About Lousy Friends

broken friendship quotes

It is important to state that friendship is an essential emotion that we couldn’t live without. However, sometimes we give a chance to someone who is not worth it. After a while, we notice that friendship is fake and broken and that it has the expiration date.

Some people decide to enter friendship because of their agendas. That could cause the breakage and bad emotion afterward. That is why we decided to present you broken friendship quotes so that you can notice lousy friends all around you.

Best Broken Friendship Quotes

  1. Fake friends will stop talking to talk about you behind your back.
  2. With fake friends, you do not lose anything when you lose them.
  3. The only bad thing when you’re full of money is that you do not know who your fake is and who makes a friend.
  4. From my past, I merely regret the time spent on the wrong people.
  5. Sometimes, people, you thought your friends were stabbing you with a knife and then wondering why you were bleeding.
  6. I was never afraid of the strongest enemies; I was afraid of only false friends, and not for no reason because the ones who supported me most often were the ones who were most affected by me.
  7. I would like with friends as money, that I can lift them, turn to the sun and see who are real and who are false.
  8. Fake friends will ignore you until you need them again.
  9. When I see all my fake friends, I say blissful loneliness.
  10. Some people have disappointed me; some have let me down, some have cheated me, some have lied to me, some were gossiping me, some just playing a sincere friend. Al no one of them understands that I know all that. I forgive someone for some but I remember, some and I return, but I do not forget!
  11. Bad friendship is like salami, consuming it only if you have to.
  12. Bad friends will do everything to spark an image of you when you are not there, but when you do not feel anything bad about yourself, you will not hear about yourself, but you want their other friends.
  13. Never sleep with both eyes closed because even friends that you consider very good can get you behind your back behind the scam.
  14. Honest enemies are always better than fake friends.
  15. Always pay more attention to human actions than to human words, and so you will understand who your friend is.
  16. Money brings false friends.
  17. One fake friend can hurt you more than 100 enemies.
  18. This is the message for all the friends are important I am no longer interested in your price fake You were all good only when you need something to love you, magnify to the sky… I forget about all these fake prices sweating because no more is there a face you are crazy, now somehow wait wait wait a bit, do you forget that story.
  19. We are no longer so good who once fell in love You became a face I am the same old guy does not change me, I do not change time Wait, wait, you are friends, all the big lions you once were fish, and now you waitresses are happy about happiness, schools, millions…
  20. If you’re a slave, you can not be a friend. If you’re a tyrant, you can not have friends.
  21. While you are happy you will have a lot of friends, if there are evil times, you will remain alone.
  22. A man has many friends as long as they do not need him.
  23. Beware of the enemy that once used to be your friend.
  24. As long as you are, you are everyone, when you do not, you are nobody.
  25. Poor is a friendship that needs to be constantly bought.
  26. Raise yourself with yourself and do not let yourself go because you are your only friend, just like you and your biggest enemy.
  27. Friends tell us what we need to do; the enemies teach us what we have to do.
  28. Conformity in thinking creates a friendship.
  29. And in friendship, there is no other purpose than the deepening of the spirit.
  30. Be slow when you choose friends, even slower when you change them.
  31. Only when the ice begins to shoot you will find out who your friends are.
  32. Friendship is the wine of life.
  33. People should be so ruled by each other, not to create enemies from friends, but to turn enemies into friends.
  34. In friendship and hostility, certain limits and trust and hatred should be set: that trust would not become dangerous, and that hatred does not rule out any possibility of reconciliation.
  35. It’s more worth the friendship than kinship.
  36. Be generous with your friends; you will love more; Be generous with your enemies, you will become friends.
  37. The one who will do everything to please friends with an exaggerated curiosity will do nothing else to the future loss of a friend.
  38. Do not walk behind me; I might not lead you. Do not walk in front of me; Maybe I will not follow you. Walk in beside me and be my friend.
  39. It’s not worth the life of one who has no real friend.
  40. If at any friend’s service you immediately think of gratitude, then you have not donated, but sold it.
  41. True love is the maturing of friendship. If you want to be in the right relationship with someone, you will first be good friends.
  42. In friendship, everything is thought, all desires and expectations are born and shared without words and with joy, which does not need applause.
  43. If friendship faded out of life, it would be as if the sun went out; for nothing better and no more joyful than the immortal gods we received.
  44. Let no one boast that there are no enemies because it is the only evidence of its worthlessness.
  45. Meet the enemy before he realizes you.
  46. Friends create happiness and check accidents.
  47. Do not get friendship fast, and do not break up quickly.
  48. The enemy’s gift is not a gift, and it does not bring any benefit.
  49. The friend is seated by the bark and publicly praised.
  50. If you want to acquire enemies, praise your friends; If you want to acquire friends, let them praise you in front of you.
  51. When you talk about hostility, do not forget that one day you might be his friend.
  52. Be friends with friends when they are lucky and in an accident.
  53. Do not ruin a rough friendship, because if you need to tie them again, they will remain a knot.
  54. Being a friend to everyone is the same and being a friend to anyone.
  55. It’s a little worth the one that often changes friends.
  56. When friends invite you to lunch – you can be late, but when you’re in trouble – hurry.
  57. You will be free from the enemy if you make him a friend.
  58. Dog and cat can kiss, but they will not become friends.
  59. In bad times, good friends are known.
  60. True friendship is one of the hardest achievable feelings; maybe even harder to reach than love.
  61. It is better to be a friend of a reason than all unreasonable.
  62. A friend who comes alone is welcome twice.
  63. Anyone who judges with friends will remain without one of them.
  64. Business-based friendship is better than a friendship-based business.
  65. From the enemy, I can protect myself, not from friends.
  66. Discard the enemy, and you will be the winner.
  67. Who found a friend, he found treasure.
  68. It is a bad friend as a shadow; When it’s sunny, you can not get rid of it, and when it’s gloomy, you can not find it.
  69. When you choose a friend to climb the pillars.
  70. They are not our reliable friends who shape our lives, but their thoughts that we remember.
  71. Will I not find anyone who would testify against him in court? No, he has no friends.
  72. New friendship ties, but the old ties more.
  73. Nothing is worth the effort except for the laughter and love of friends.
  74. It is much easier to feel the weakness of our friends than to endure their strength.
  75. Birds nest, spider web, and human friendship.
  76. Life is nothing without friendship.
  77. Friendly obligations help to maintain the company’s enjoyment.
  78. True friends are in trouble.
  79. They need to help their friends when they need it and not prove when they’ve already fallen.
  80. Good friends recognize themselves in trouble.
  81. In troubles, we are a trustworthy friend to millions, but a seaman’s peaceful sea after a storm.
  82. Do not make new friends forget about old ones.
  83. The temptation of friendship is an aid in distress and unconditional help.
  84. Whoever has a true friend can say that he has two souls.
  85. Tell me with whom you hang out; I’ll tell you who you are. I know what you do; then I know what you can become.
  86. If a man on his way through life does not create new acquaintances, he will soon realize that he has remained alone. A man should continually improve his friendship.
  87. I make friends all in common.
  88. The more we love our friends, the less we flatter them.
  89. Where the treasure has a friend.
  90. A friend is one who always feels when we need it.
  91. The friend of all is no one’s friend.
  92. If the first law of friendship says that it should be nurtured, the second law is that we must be lenient when the first law is ignored.
  93. The true duty of a friend is to stand next to you when you are wrong. Almost everyone can stand next to you when you are right.
  94. A true friend is whoever comes to us when everyone else turns from us.
  95. Friendship is the only connection that will always keep the world together.
  96. When a friend asks for something, there is no delay.
  97. A man must close an eye to finding a friend: to keep him; he must close both of them.
  98. The one who is looking for a friend without a defect will not have any friends.
  99. Make friends with you only.
  100. Clean accounts, good friends.
  101. Do not learn the meaning of friendship; you have not learned anything.
  102. Friendship or finds similar people or makes them similar.
  103. There is not a man in the world or three friends.
  104. The dishonest and evil of a friend should be afraid more than wild beasts; A wild beast can hurt your body, but your friend will hurt your mind.
  105. A friend is also concerned when he is angry.
  106. The enemy must try to win perseverance, not force.
  107. Being with a fool is as sick as being with an enemy.
  108. It is very useful for progress if you have a friend who can warn you about your mistakes.
  109. When your friend wakes up high, he does not approach him until he looks for you.
  110. Enemies need to be forgiven continuously because that’s exactly what angers them most.
  111. You love your enemies because they point to your mistakes.
  112. Even paranoid has a couple of real enemies.
  113. At least at the camp, you knew who your enemy is!
  114. When you talk about your enemy, do not forget that he could become a friend too.
  115. It’s better to have a thousand enemies outside the home than one in the home.
  116. What your enemy does not need to know do not tell his friend either.
  117. Our greatest enemies are anger and selfish desire.
  118. Ignore the enemy strategically, respect it tactfully.
  119. Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, so that you become the sons of your Father who is in heaven, who makes his sun go out of evil and goodness, and that the rain falls upon the righteous and the unrighteous.
  120. Friends come and go, but enemies are cumulated.
  121. Never completely trust a new friend or an old enemy.
  122. It is a powerful one who tends the enemy to react to it; Bad is the one who has to react to the enemy.
  123. Save me, God, my friend, and the enemies will be guarded by myself.
  124. Unadulterated people usually do not have enemies.
  125. Reasonable people always learn from the enemy. Always from an opponent, not from a friend.
  126. To see the disaster of the enemy, some are ready for their own.
  127. Victory over the enemy deserves praise and those of the brothers and friends of the funeral song.
  128. The most dangerous are the enemies of which one does not mean to defend himself.
  129. Do not be afraid of the enemy who is attacking you, but the friend who is lying to you.
  130. Instead of wanting an enemy to death, it’s better to want a long life for yourself.
  131. Of course, we will forgive our enemies, but only after we hang them.

We have presented you broken friendship quotes that will help you say something in the case that you find out that your friend did something behind your back. The idea of friendship is that we can get wrong and that could lead us to depression and emotional breakdown.

However, the lost friendships are still problematic and can cause more pain than losing the spouse or someone you love. That is why you should think twice before letting someone into your life. Not just because of them, but because of you too.