69 Sincere Boyfriend Quotes For Birthday To Surprise Him For Special Day

boyfriend quotes for birthday

We can all agree that we birthdays are essential because it brings us the people we love. Imagine having a birthday without anyone to congratulate you. It would be a shame, wouldn’t it? That is why it is essential to surprise your boyfriend by making his special day filled with love and joy.

That is the main reason why we decided to present you boyfriend quotes for birthday to surprise him for the special day:

Truthful Boyfriend Quotes For Birthday

  1. The midnight lamp shines, the love in me is burning, and during your birthday I love you more than life.
  2. Of billions of great stars, let the most beautiful ones shine and stay forever above your roof… In addition, happy birthday
  3. Let me kiss and touch you through these little letters. Let the new ones fill you with joy, let all the happiness of the world shine. Happy birthday to your heart I want you!
  4. Every minute you were happy, every wish was fulfilled, wherever you go, some luck is following you, I cannot give you more beautiful wishes. So, happy birthday, baby.
  5. I want happiness so that I can walk with you, to follow your love which is stronger than stone. I know that people love and value you, that in your life you do not know about problems. Happy Birthday
  6. If you have health and happiness, to achieve the desires of both the smaller and the greater, to radiate the serenity, and throw away the grief. It is important also to add the line of life you have a debt, your dreams come true on your face, that you have beautiful thoughts in your mind, that your life be as the most beautiful dream, I wish you a happy birthday!
  7. Let your heart, wallet, and bed never be empty …
  8. How much earth is moving around the sun so much you want success and happiness.
  9. All the ugly things that you have found in your book of life are being erased from today. And all the good things that you are dreaming of, this year is happening to you! That is why I’ll wish you the best for your birthday.
  10. Flutter Angels like birds, they touch the smile off your face, let me bring you a message on my wings white that I wish you all the best for your birthday!
  11. Let the music play and your heart be full of peace. Let the stars shine with a lot of happiness and some desire will be bigger. Happy Birthday.
  12. The first is my desire, let your life be full of joy, the other is a little bigger that always happiness is accompanying you, and another one from your heart can always keep you, dear I wish you all the best for your birthday.
  13. I only want this: a spoon of strength, a pot of joy, a kettle of success, a pair of ponds, a sea of ​​happiness, an ocean of health and the whole universe of love! Happy Birthday.
  14. In the body of health, in the soul peace, in thought joy, and in work success. Happy Birthday,
  15. In a crisis, we need to save on everything, even in the phone bill. That’s why I use this message to wish you a happy twentieth birthday, New Year, Christmas, Glory, and It’s beautiful on the summer vacation, and if the crisis persists, you’re happy and the twenty-first birthday.
  16. I want a small villa on the lake, a mini two-seater Ferrari, a small credit card with a sum of only 2-3 million, a small company owned and a few small brilliant stones. Because life makes small things :). Happy New Year!
  17. I wish you a lot, a lot of health, love, fucking, mutual tolerance, sex without recourse and as little as sexy. Happy birthday.
  18. Your pearls are covered with pockets, the criminals are in the ass, they love you a lot, and for the rest, your ear hurts.
  19. You will get a kiss from me, seek God’s health and happiness, and everything else you have with the Chinese.
  20. Thank you for suffering and watching me, and what you suffer from my nonsense. Happy Birthday.
  21. Laugh while you still have all your teeth. HAPPY BIRTHDAY…
  22. Imagine all the things you would like to happen to you and pretend that I wanted them.
  23. If you dress in the latest fashion, that whiskey always goes on; you wince in the water jacket, you look like a builder and stab a lot of a week. Happy Birthday!
  24. Happy birthday to my best friend … When you drink, I drink, when you cry, I cry, when you laugh, I laugh, when you do something, I’m still laughing.
  25. I want you red in my wallet, blue in front of my eyes, white in my belly, yellow in the sky, green under my feet… Of course, I mean thousands, sea, wine, sun and grass.
  26. Happy birthday congratulations for the other
  27. You love and have; If you have and share, that everything that you desire may be accomplished, that your heart does not know the sorrow, They are all desires for the best of others.
  28. There is no greater wealth than friendship, and I consider myself the richest person, and this is because I have you. Happy birthday and all the best wishes your friend!
  29. Please forget all the bad moments of the past on this day, and prepare for the most beautiful people who are waiting for you in the future!
  30. Happy birthday congratulations to your companion
  31. I want you combination of Love, Hope and Faith. Let your happiness through life follow you, love and be loved, never lose hope in a better tomorrow. Don’t worry cause your guardian will protect you from every evil and all the best for your birthday I want you …
  32. On this day, I want to forget all the bad moments of the past, and prepare for the most beautiful and best that await you in the future! Happy birthday and best of all!
  33. Perhaps I am not the smartest person in the world, but I know very well that I choose my friends. And I choose only those good, smart and loyal. Happy Birthday, Friend!
    A happy birthday greeting for my brother
  34. My wish is your little brother, nothing in your life that you do not miss, you have everything you want and of course everything with your sister to share.
  35. Today, I want you dear brothers, happiness, and health to accompany you, let your heart lead through life and everything you want to happen!
  36. It’s easy for me to have a brother, you are better than all, and from all the stronger, you’ve always been there for me, and that’s what most matters to me! Happy birthday and best of all
  37. You always are my dear and dear; you are always skilled in secrecy, strong and gentle, strong in will, no person is more important to me.
  38. Having a sister is a real miracle, always interesting, sometimes crazy, gentle mum, in a strong, Honest, fun and important to me. And therefore, what I wish for myself, For a happy birthday, I want you.
  39. You are my support, the support of the law. Therefore I want you to be healthy, to be always, who and until now, in the heart of a happy young soul. I remember when I was young, you lifted me up whenever I fell. She kept, guarded, comforted, always laughed, never saddened.
  40. You love and have; If you have, and share, that everything that you desire is realized for you, that your heart does not know the sorrow, that is your desire for your other.
  41. Thank you for being here, thank you for this wonderful friend, thank you for the word that tears erase, such a friend is not born anymore!
  42. I may not be the smartest person in the world, but I know very well that I choose my friends. And I only choose good, smart and loyal.
  43. Fulfill years of life, not the life for years. Do what you want, and save what you like !!
  44. Be there; I am swaying the perfect people who pass by without giving anything, looking for everything! Be there, because nothing in the world has left us apart from other people.
  45. Please forget all the bad moments of the past on this day, and prepare for the most beautiful people who are waiting for you in the future! Happy Birthday
  46. One star for success, one star for joy, one for… What do I do?! All the stars from the sky let you down on your palm and fulfill all your wishes on this day!
  47. I wish that your sorrow never fails, that your love for the heart of your heart slaps, that you fulfill all your wishes, and that you never forget your friends.
  48. Do not ever cry, you are a beautiful being, every tear and I will go, every sad eye and I will hurt you, and your friend loves you the most! Happy Birthday!
  49. Every second in every minute, every minute in every hour, and in a cup clock every day to be happy and smiling.
  50. You’re a very special person in my life. I will use this wonderful opportunity, your birthday, to wish you all the best and the best you can wish.
  51. One lightning does not mean anything in the sky in which the years, dreams and companions are engraved, because love comes, lives and loses, and friends last for eternity…
  52. Life should only bring you beautiful things, and the soul will remain gentle and young forever, everything you want is yours, and tears to release only from happiness. All the most beautiful of the heart
  53. No one knows what his life is about to do, but he does not have any better years. Save the moving adventure new; I want your life as a dream.
  54. In your life always go for your dream and believe in the voice of your heart, because life is what you create from him. That is why everything you want can happen to him!
    In the morning, when the bird’s twitter breaks you off. Therefore, the tangles of the clock mark your day, I want you the happiest and most beautiful birthday!
  55. Today, two people have passed and ask for you. I did not give them your name than your address. Wait for you to come in soon… they say they are.
  56. Imagine something the most beautiful and the sweetest. Add infinity to this, expand with eternity and decorate the stars. Only then will you know how much I want you for this wonderful day.
  57. Birthdays mark a new beginning. It’s a time to look back and thank you for everything we’ve achieved and getting, but also a time when we look forward to new adventures. I wish you a lot of luck, motivation, and success for the coming year! Happy Birthday to You!
  58. I still remember the day we met as if it were yesterday! I am the happiest person to have such a friend and your birthday is a special day for me because at that time the most beautiful person came to the world!
  59. I want every passing path to be passed to you, at every step, to quench pleasant surprises, and that every door you open brings you good fortune.
  60. What you have lived with me alone over the course of these years has given you the right to participate in the Guinness record book in the category for the best of all other times.
  61. Imagine all the things that you would like to happen to you and assume that I have wished them.
  62. That on this day you forget all the bad moments from the past and prepare for the most beautiful who are waiting for you in the future…
  63. Fulfill years of life, not the life for years. Do what you want and save what you like !!
  64. Happy Birthday!!! To love and to have… to have and share …
  65. The birthday is coming every year, and a true friend meets once in a lifetime.
  66. To get everything you want and do not have, and keep what you love, and you have. All the best.
  67. Let your days be better and happier. To hit you all that is nice, and miss it bad. Let your life be like the most beautiful dream, a happy family birthday!
  68. To be happy with you, that love is made of stone, that people love and value you, that in your life you do not know about problems.

As you can see from everything that we have mentioned above, there are numerous ways to congratulate your boyfriend for a birthday.

If you don’t have an inspiration or you want to create a unique perspective, we recommend you to use boyfriend quotes for birthday to surprise him for the special day.

It is simple as that, and you will understand the difference in saying an ordinary word and already existing quote that will warm his heart. Finally, he will understand that you love him because birthdays are here to represent that point.